breathing new life into brushes

The History of Tong Fong

• President: James Fong
• Established in Taipei since 1950
• Product category: Hairbrush, mirror and comb
• Factory size: 46,000 square meters and 1,200 workers

• Sales market: USA, South America, Europe, Russia, Middle-East and Asian countries. Totally 200   customers. 

• 1950: Company established

• Home-type factory

• Products: Paint brushes, shoe brushes and hairbrushes

• 1960:

• Importation of “Bristle-tufting machines” from West Germany

• Production capacity improved significantly

• Started to export overseas
• Invested in new product development
•Expanded facilities of production

• 1980’s:
• Developed bristle-tufting machines

• Computerization in production

• 1992-2000: Awarded the National Foundation Stone for Excellent Small & Medium Business

• Set up a new factory in Xiamen, China.