Special Technology

breathing new life into brushes


With a breakthrough in techniques, the boar bristles are tufted with a certain angle instead of conventional brushes having bristles tufted vertically. Such angled boar bristles are getting in more touch with hair when brushing. Go-Shiny brush is designed to have two-tier bristles. The boar bristles alternate with the V-shaped monofilament nylons, which penetrate easily through the hair for styling.

* Add Shine: The boar bristles with a certain angle come into more contact with hair when brushing. The hair cuticles can be smoothed more efficiently to enhance a good shine on hair.

* Tangle Free: The innovative bristle arrangement is tilted upwards to reduce friction and minimize snags and tangles to hair.

* Efficient Styling: The 2-tier bristles hold the hair properly for straightening or curly hair with ease. It shortens styling time significantly.